MyBlogLog Community

I’m working on a little experiment the next few weeks. I am writing an ebook on using WordPress — the Plugins you need, how to modify themes, etc. One of the Plugins I’m recommending in my ebook is MyBlogLog. I’ve seen it on some other very popular blogs and some not so popular. You’ll notice a new area in my right sidebar. It’s probably pretty blank right now — at least until you go and join my community 🙂

You can search their communities to find other blogs that you may be interested in. Connect with other bloggers with similar interests. Help build a community.

MyBlogLog is also having a contest to see who can build their communities in November. So yeah, I’m seeing how much I can build up this community. Consider it research for my ebook 🙂 Thanks for your help!

Cloak Your Affiliate Links

Here’s a website where you can cloak your affiliate links for free. This allows you to hide your affiliate link information and allows you to “brand” the experience a little more while the client is actually on another site.That’s Wise Cloak Your Affiliate Links