To God’s Perfect Gift to Me – Happy 14!

I sat here wondering what to write. I went back and read what I wrote on our 12th anniversary and our 13th anniversary. I was really sappy on the 13th anniversary, but I still feel that way about you Duck. I love you with all my heart and soul. I’m amazed at the blessings God gives us just in our relationship and growing us closer and closer. I miss you when you go to work and I dream of the day when we can sit all day in rockers on our front porch overlooking the mountains.

I know you feel like you need to buy me something, but honestly the vacation we just took was all I needed for our anniversary. It was awesome to get away and relax — even getting to relax Sunday watching football all day ๐Ÿ™‚ even if you did beat me in Fantasy Football!

I love you very much and I hope you have a wonderful day ๐Ÿ™‚ I look forward to listening to you sing tonight at the church revival service.


To everyone else – I highly recommend unplugging, especially if you are an addict like me. The mountains did me a world of good. I feel like I’ve been restarted! I didn’t take many pictures – at least not as many as I had planned. I’ve got scooped back up in work though and haven’t downloaded them off the camera yet.

Thanks to everyone who threw up a prayer for us, asked about our vacation and covered for us while we were gone. I hope to post more about our trip later this week, but who knows. The unplugging thing might just happen at night when it should be family time.

Anyway, we’re baaaccckkkk! And I’m plugged in again – for a little bit anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Great Unplugging

It was supposed to be last week. Then the rains came, and didn’t stop. So we postponed it to this week. Tomorrow we’re packing up our motorcycles and heading to the mountains. We’re celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary a little early this year. I’m just thankful we’ll get to go this year. I really missed not going last year.

I’m leaving my computer at home – so no email, Twitter, Facebook, working on websites, none of it. I will have my cell phone to call home, but other than actual voice calls, I’m not going to use my phone. This is major for me. I’m quite the computer addict. I decided to leave you with a list so you may know when it’s time to go on vacation or just unplug for a bit.

5 of ways you know it’s time to unplug

  1. when you dream in code (html, css, php)
  2. when you wake up in a panic realizing you didn’t set your alarm last night, rush into your child’s room to wake them up for school only to realize it’s Saturday
  3. when you get a speeding ticket on a back road because you’re running late to pickup your child from school
  4. when you hear your spouse snoring down the hall, and you’re still working on a project
  5. when your child has to ask you repeatedly for a drink

and one last bonus way to know when you’re ready to unplug, when you feel like this:

Yes, that’s me. I remember the exact moment this picture was taken. I don’t know why I was upset in the first place, but Dad had sat me on the kitchen table. My oldest sister, Sue – who is 11 years older than me and should have known better – snapped this picture of me which made me even more upset. And Dad got mad at me. I couldn’t understand it. But Dad didn’t get mad at me a lot, so it kinda jerked me back into reality and stopped the gushing.

But if you’ve been feeling like this, I pray you get a vacation sometime soon! Or if you can’t do a vacation right now, just get a book that doesn’t make you think and go somewhere away from your house for an hour. Give yourself permission to unplug. I promise Twitter, Facebook, and the rest of the Internets will still be there when you get back. After all, you’ll be here when I get back, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

A horse named Rebel

That’s such an appropriate name for my horse — Rebel. That’s the one I was put on yesterday when we went horseback riding. Duck had asked me several months ago if there’s anything I dreamed of doing — or anywhere I dreamed of going. To tell the truth, I don’t really have anything like that. I mean, I dream of riding to the mountains on my motorcycle, but that dream’s a reality now.

So I mentioned horseback riding. I love horses. I have always loved horses. I remember going to horse shows with Dad all the time when I was little. I loved watching the horses do their thing — trot, back up, jump…all their little tricks. I don’t ever remember going to a rodeo, but just horse shows. I thought maybe one day I could have a horse of my own and enter horse shows too.

We had a horse when I was little. Her name was Girlie. I used to be jealous of my older sister because she could just take off on Girlie in the field next to our house. I wanted to be like her someday. One day in second grade I convinced Dad to let me take Girlie around the field by myself — without him leading. He agreed, and I took off. Well, Girlie took off. I didn’t have a good hold on the reins and I fell off. I wasn’t hurt — at least not physically. I was totally embarassed, disappointed and broken hearted. I wanted back on Girlie, but Mom was really freaked out and wouldn’t let me back on — Dad either.

They sold Girlie while I was at school one day. I cried. They said it was for the best — that she was getting too old for kids to ride any more and needed to be on a nice farm somewhere where she could eat and run. I hated that I didn’t get to say good-bye to her, but it was probably for the best.

Back to yesterday, Duck took off work and found a farm nearby that had openings for a trail ride. Doodle has always wanted to ride ponies and such — I think she’s got the same love of horses that I do. When my older sister got married a few years ago, we went up for the wedding. She took Doodle riding on her horse — Patches. Doodle loved every minute of it! So yesterday when she found out she got to ride a horse all by herself, she was extremely excited. I was too, but somewhere in my old age, I developed a little bit of a fear — fear of falling off and breaking something, fear of the horse kicking me or just running me into a tree. But I was determined to show no fear.

They put me on a horse first, and then got everyone else situated. When they unhooked my horse from the post, he was ready to go. He didn’t really want to wait on anyone else. I kept pulling the reins back to tell him to stop moving, and he’d just buck his head. “Wonderful,” I thought, “I really hope I don’t get hurt or worse yet die.” Then they told me his name is Rebel. Ha. Figures. We all got set and Doodle’s horse, Tiffany, wanted to go. She got in line behind the guide — then Duck on his horse wanted to go faster than mine, so he past me too. Rebel just didn’t want to move. Then it hit — he had a bad case of diarrhea and gas. Yep, this was definitely the perfect horse for me! ๐Ÿ˜€

After the initial rough start, things went pretty smooth. One of the guides told us we were doing really well, but I wondered just what not doing well would look like. Oh there was a scary moment there where Rebel decided to take the trail to the right next to the drop-off to the creek bed, instead of following the guide horse to the left. But we all survived and didn’t get hurt. I think my thighs are still sore though because I was clamping my knees into the horse to hold on ๐Ÿ™‚

Doodle now wants to take lessons and go back for the camps they have there. Duck told her that meant she’d have to work the farm — feeding the chickens, the horses, taking care of the horses, etc. She thought about it for a minute and then said she didn’t care if she had to work — she wanted to go back. That’s huge ya’ll. Queen of video games wants to work on a farm.

Here are a couple of pictures. Duck had the camera and case on his belt, so I didn’t get any pictures of him on his horse, but here’s me on Rebel and Doodle on Tiffany: