An Important Revelation

One day I was feeling overwhelmed at all the information on the Internet. I had been browsing a network promoting article writing. I asked something like why should I write articles when there’s millions out there already on the very subjects I would be writing about? I got Chris Knight’s response:

A question to ask yourself:

Why do fast food restaurants position themselves next to each other? Surely, if there was a McDonalds restaurant on the corner, they can serve all of the needs of the area, right? There is surely no need for a Burger King, Hardees/Carls Jr, or any other fast food joint, right? Wrong. We all love choice.

Give readers your choice.

Your writing is unique to you and therefore good enough to share with the world.

Chris Knight

Wow. What a revelation! And definitely one I can relate to (I don’t cook as you’ll find from some other posts). Fast food restaurants is something very real I can relate to. So I’m on the warpath now — mind mapping article ideas 🙂 Stay tuned!