Praying Wife: Week #6

At least I think it’s week #6. I’m a little lost. I didn’t do an update last week and didn’t post this week’s assignments yesterday (and I love stating the obvious in case you didn’t know). I had to take a break from some of this to get our taxes done and some other things I was falling behind on. So please forgive the lateness. I hope you’re still hanging in there with me.

Here’s this week’s reading assignments:

Monday — Read ch. 22: His Emotions

Tuesday — Read ch. 23: His Walk

Wednesday — Read ch. 24: His Talk

Thursday — Read ch. 25: His Repentance

Friday — Read ch. 26: His Deliverance

It may seem as though we are getting into some of the — oh, I don’t know — boring chapters, but they are all important in the grand scheme of things. We can’t only pray for our husbands and certain aspects. We need to pray for the whole package. I would love to hear if your hubby or hubby-to-be is seeing any good things coming from your praying for him. Give me a shout 🙂

The devil’s after me

Last week I confirmed with my pastor that I would give a testimony about evangelism yesterday in both services. It seemed that when I confirmed, I had in my head all I wanted to share. I figured I would tweak it this week. I was kinda of wrong. I did write it out, but the devil came after me with distractions. I shared different things in both services yesterday. I did better than I thought I would actually, ya know, speaking in front of people, but it was still nerve-wracking. There were things I meant to say in the first service and things I totally forgot in the second service. I’m trying to let it go — and pray God will use my ramblings for his good even if they didn’t come out of my mouth quite the way I’d hoped.

The thing is, I’ve also said I would speak at the women’s dinner we’re having in May – ya know, a full teaching/speaking kind of thing. Not a 5-minute little talk. God’s had the message on my heart for a few years now. It’s a huge step of faith to even tell someone I wanted to do this — and now I’ve told a few. So if the devil came at me for this little 5-minute deal, I’m for sure he’s going to come after me for the dinner. I need prayer and lots of it people! And I’m not used to asking prayer for me. I believe that God’s going to reach some women at this dinner and do some great things! I just pray my ramblings help and not hinder what He’s got planned.

So with all the distractions last week, not only did I get behind in Praying Wife, but I didn’t do a check-in on Friday. You can let me know here though if you’re still hanging with me. I read a couple of chapters to catch up over the weekend. Hang in there with me. You’re not the only one who may be behind!

Here’s this week’s reading assignments:

Monday — Read ch. 17: His Relationships

Tuesday — Read ch. 18: His Fatherhood

Wednesday — Read ch. 19: His Past

Thursday — Read ch. 20: His Attitude

Friday — Read ch. 21: His Marriage

Have ya’ll done anything outside of your comfort zones lately? I’d love to hear about it. Because speaking, is definitely stretching me 🙂

Praying Wife: Week #4

Here are the chapters we get to look forward to this week.

Monday — Read ch 12: His Protection

Tuesday — Read ch 13: His Trials

Wednesday — Read ch 14: His Integrity

Thursday — Read ch 15: His Reputation

Friday —  Read ch 16: His Priorities

Update on Women’s Dinner: When I went to church yesterday it seems the men have been doing some plotting and planning 🙂 They’ve got a lot of good things planned already so turns out that I don’t have to worry about the food and such. I did, however, tell them that I wanted to speak — or rather I felt God wanted me to speak because this is so not my choice. God doesn’t listen to my arguing though — so I’m going to be doing a lot of studying and praying and preparing before May 8th!