The Power of a Praying Wife

Earlier this week, I read a post on Tracie Miles’ blog where she started a Marriage Challenge. She mentioned the book The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian. I went through this book and others of Stormie’s a few years ago. They helped me realize how powerful prayer really is in my life. Tracie inspired me to go through the book again. As a matter of fact, I’m meeting a friend at the bookstore around lunch to make sure she has a copy to go through this with me.

I want to challenge you to read through the book with me and share your insights here. I’m going to start Monday reading one chapter a day (Monday through Friday). I’m a firm believer in the weekends are family time and pretty much crazy anyway. There are 30 chapters so this will take us 6 weeks to go through and it will be well worth it — I promise you!

So I don’t make everyone that reads my blog sick of seeing stuff about this, I’m going to post on Monday what chapters we are to read that week and then on Friday I’ll put up my thoughts on what’s happened that week. Go get your book this weekend and be prepared to start on Monday. Don’t worry about time. It might take 10 minutes. Surely you can spare that!

After we go through Praying Wife, we’ll go through The Power of a Praying Woman. That one is exceptional too. Pick that one up while you’re at the store ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yes, I am the one who hates V-day

If you can’t love on me 364-days a year, then don’t try to make it up with one day where everyone is supposed to buy their honeys flowers, chocolate and other assorted gifts. I wrote a couple of years ago that God made me weird. I’m not your typical woman — I hardly wear make-up. I don’t do jewelry at.all. I’m allergic to flowers. I do like chocolate, but only a little at a time. Maybe He didn’t make me so weird.

I heard a commercial this morning that made me mad. It said something like “you know she didn’t really mean it when she said not to get her anything.” Um, yeah. I meant it. I’ve screamed it. I’ve hinted it. Why on earth would you assume that every woman wants something on V-day? I can’t even tell the truth and be believed? Oh, I forgot. You’re trying to sell something. I know there are other ladies out there like me, but with all the marketing hype out there — we can’t be heard. Good thing I’ve got my own blog to yell my thoughts out into the world.

Here’s my post to tell Duck, I really don’t want flowers, a card or chocolate for V-day. Seriously. I don’t. My feelings on this haven’t changed since last year. The things I would like for him to do for me, you can’t buy in a store. I want the same things I want every day for him to show he loves me — quality time doing whatever together, even just watching tv; cuddling time; foot massage (both feet please). These are the things that bring me pleasure.

{start mushiness}

Duck is the most wonderful husband I could ever have. He constantly tells me not to be hard on myself when I screw up yet again. He takes over the finances when I just can’t handle them any more. He takes over the laundry when I have the habit of leaving wet clothes in the washer a few days. He handles homework with Doodle when I literally want to pull my hair out because she doesn’t understand what I’m trying to teach her. In my dreams, his dreams come true. I’ve realized that I don’t really have dreams of my own anymore — their ours.

So Duck, Happy Valentine’s Day. I thank God He brought us together. Yes, I’m thankful your mom told you to ignore me and that it caught my attention. I even love and miss your dog. Valentine’s Day will always be our (mine and Rio’s) day ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for taking care of everything around the house — for taking care of Doodle — for taking care of me. Just in case I’ve missed a day in the last 364, I love you with all my heart.

{end mushiness}

To celebrate this Valentine’s Day I actually asked Duck if I could send a special gift to one of my single friends who I thought would need a pick-her-up. I’m hoping it blesses her today and helps her to realize that even though things are rough relationally down here, Jesus still loves her more than anything and that love will never end.

Check back in with me Monday as I have a special surprise for you!

To Tithe or Not to Tithe

I just have to share some God-greatness that’s happened recently.

You may remember back in December I wrote a post about beating myself up — something I struggle with often. Well, over the holiday break, Duck took over the finances and began paying bills his way. We talked this week about whether or not we should tithe, because like a gazillion other people we have debts.

Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it. — Malachi 3:10 (NIV)

Duck has this quote printed out and taped to his monitor so he’ll see it all the time. It’s the only place in the Bible where the Lord says “test me.” Every time we have tested him, we have been blessed beyond measure! I told Duck I thought we should make sure we tithe — though keep in mind while I was doing the finances and stressing things, I did not tithe on any kind of regular basis.

So Duck said he would think about it, pray about it and look at it before Sunday. He wrote the check Saturday for the tithe. We got an insurance reimbursement check in the mail. I was paid for some work I did on a ministry website — this morning! A few other people that I have helped out just sent me money. Ya’ll, none of this was expected, and you know what? The total was more than we tithed.

I have been stressing going to BlissDom (an awesome blogging conference in Nashville at the beginning of February). I’ve been wondering if I should go — what’s the point? I’ve been praying about it a lot. Others are going to learn how they can make money off their blogs — others are going for relationships. Nothing at all against them, but I decided a long time ago not try and make money from this blog. It’s personal. It’s for God. But you know what? I’ve actually earned enough money freelancing to pay my way there. I get to room with 3 other ladies — one who I’ve known online for what seems like years. The other two? I just got hooked up with online.

The really cool thing? We’re all Christians. Relationships. I pray that while I’m there I can help a few people — not only with their bloggy questions, but maybe give them some encouragement as well. I believe that God has me going there for His purpose and His glory. I hope I do Him proud and don’t argue with Him too much ๐Ÿ˜‰

Even with the way the economy is, I dare you to tithe. Seriously. God is bigger than the mess we’re in.