I feel grown-up

This year has been a busy one already. For those of you who don’t know, our soft-side water bed sprung a slow leak in January — prompting us to not only get a new bed, but to also do some work in our bedroom. The blue carpet that’s been in there since we moved in (almost 15 years ago) was ripped up and some really neat laminate flooring was put down.

If you know anything about me, you know I don’t have a domestic bone in my body (poor Duck – I know). I don’t know how to decorate, what colors to paint, how to cook, or much else that I probably should know how to do. One of my Proverbs 31 sisters, Samantha, volunteered her sister’s help. So, I sent a few pitiful emails off to Rebecca of Grace Interiors & Design and she sent me some paint swatches in the mail.

I explained that I knew we were supposed to have a decorating style, but for the life of me, I didn’t have a clue what that would be. I sent her a few pictures of the layout of the room and the bedroom furniture. I think somewhere in the emails she told me kinda what style we fit into but I don’t remember what that was.

I took her swatches and put them on the wall. Then I went to get a sample of the one color I kept leaning towards. I painted a few big boxes on different walls. When I asked Duck what he thought, I knew he didn’t like it but he just said “whatever you pick will be fine.” Later he admits to thinking it was a horrible Army green until we got it up on the walls. It must have grown on him 🙂

A photographer I am not. And this really doesn’t show off the color. It’s Sherwin-Williams’ Oyster Bay. I had told Rebecca that I was looking at something kinda blue-green that was relaxing and restful. Duck had thought about going purple – which we may end up painting the bathroom when we make it to that room. The neat thing about this color though is it really changes through out the day and night. Depending on the light, sometimes it looks really light green, sometimes even blueish-green and other times of the day, it looks darker.

Duck just laughed when I told him “now I feel all grown-up.” Who knew paint could do that for a 37-year old?

RIP Alarm Clock

Dear Alarm Clock,

You have been by my bedside for 20+ years. When I think back through the years with you, I get teary. The early mornings of band before school started. The college classes. My first real job. My wedding day. Getting Doodle up for school.

Of course we would sleep in as many Saturdays as we could. You’d play music softly for me each night as I drift off to sleep. You’d wake me up with the same soft music playing. You were never rude with that annoying buzzing sound. Sorry for those mornings when I hit your snooze button a little too hard. You know I’m not a morning person.

You have been an amazing friend for me for many years. I doubt other alarm clocks could work as hard as you did for so long. I’ll totally forgive you for the one day you failed me. Even though it made me miss half my massage I finally scheduled from my Christmas gift. I won’t hold on to any resentment.

So, rest in peace my dear alarm clock. I know I will never be able to replace you.

Much love and sleep,


You know it’s bad when …

… your mom IMs you to see if you’re still alive because you haven’t blogged or tweeted in 5 days (still here Mom!)

… you walk up behind your husband and see that he’s got your blog pulled up on his laptop — “just to see what you’re up to.” (not blogging is what I’ve been up to!)

… you come up to bat in the last inning, 2 outs, tying run on 3rd, and you fly out to the right-center fielder AND you’re the coach (not such a good game last night!)

I’m trying not to be in a funk, but it seems like I have for the past few days. Nothing major has happened — I’ve just been dreaming of softball, how to coach, where to put people, how am I going to do … those kinds of things. I mean, I have been going to the gym regularly for over a year now to build up muscles and endurance. I want to be able to play better. I just didn’t last night.

Good news though. Last Saturday I managed to clean out our laundry room. I never knew so much schtuff could be in a 6×8 room until I pulled it all out and it was in all over our den floor. But, it’s clean and organized in there now. Duck has plenty of room to get in there and do the laundry. Oh, and I’m so not joking about that. He’s great at doing the laundry. It only took a gazillion times of me shrinking shirts and leaving clothes (wet) in the washer for a few days before he took it over. You do a wonderful job, Duck. Mean it. Love you. Hate doing laundry.

Oh, I finally got our taxes done last week. We owe money — which we expected, but at least now I know how much. That’s a huge burden off my shoulders. I’ve also been working on this one poor woman’s site. I say poor woman because she’s had to deal with me being my usual slow self in getting too things. I switched her from Blogger to WordPress on one host. Then that one host had several issues and I just finished moving her to a new host. I’m hoping all is well now. It’d be nice to get to my blogs 🙂

So, I’m still here. Still hanging on. Nothing major’s happened. Just cruising along. Hope all is well with you. If not, let me know what I can pray about for you. Because PRAYER WORKS!