Prayer is the most important thing

Kimberly @ Raising Olives {must look up the story behind the name sometime} bought my ticket to BlissDom. She wrote this line in an email to me:

If you think about it, I’d love your prayers that I will keep my priorities in all of this and that Blissdom will ultimately benefit our family.

It struck me. That’s precisely what I am praying for all my friends who are going. In my massive BlissDom tips post, it was my first bullet point. It really deserves it’s own post.

In case you didn’t know it, God wants to be involved in your life — every part of your life. He’s into details. If it matters to you, it matters to Him. Prayer is our way of communicating with God — that means listening as well. My prayers for weeks were “God let me know in an obvious way if I should be going to BlissDom or not.” I add that obvious part into a lot of my prayers. And you know what? God answers in really obvious ways. See, I don’t want to miss what He has for me, so when I’m questioning what I should do, I always ask for obvious answers and that I’ll know are from Him.

I truly believe that He closed the door on me going because Kimberly needs to be there instead. But the praying can’t stop there. For me, I need to continue to pray that I won’t miss the opportunities God kept me here for. For those going to the conference, I’m praying for you too. I’m praying for your families who might feel left behind to be able to survive their time without Mom. I’m praying for you to learn the things God would have you to learn about yourself, about your blogs, and about other ladies. I’m praying that new relationships will be made and that old ones will solidify even more. And I pray that if any of you start to struggle with anything that God would send you your very own BlissDom Angel.

Pray for your blog. Pray that God would lead you to not only write the things He’d have you to write, but that you would have the graphics on there that He would have. Pray for your readers, especially the ones who don’t comment. The ones who may be suffering and feeling like they are alone — pray for them to get a little bit of comfort from your blog, your words. Your blog may be the only one they read. Don’t let that pressure you, but consider it an honor to write what God lays on your heart to share.

If you’re writing a blog to make a little money, pray about that too. God wants us to get paid for our work — though I still struggle in this area. Pray about how God can be glorified through you making money. Are the ads appropriate material for your readers? Do you share advice that will build up marriages and families? Do you know there are ways you can do that and not specifically mention your faith? Perhaps that’s in God’s will too. Maybe you share information on being frugal and one of your readers feels comfortable enough to start a dialogue with you about faith.

God has not called me to be a frugal blogger — I have no talent for clipping coupons. God has not called me to be a home blogger — I have no talent for decorating. I’m not really sure I can be put in a box and given a title — I know God can’t be put in a box. I pray whatever you see here on this blog is what He would have me to share. Oh, and I trust that He will bring about the people who need to read it — especially if it’s just one person. Because even if you were the only one on this earth that needed saving, Jesus still would have died for you. You are that important. But it’s not just about being saved, God is concerned with the details of your life. So pray about every aspect of your blog.

I know this may sound like I’m just a praying guru, but I’m not. I go through stages where I pray consistently and times when it’s just a quick 30-second “God please keep me from killing someone” prayer. Don’t envy me or compare yourself to me. That will do neither of us any good. If you do struggle with prayer time — especially if you like to wait until last thing at night and fall asleep before you finish your prayers, I want to encourage you to get a notebook. Get a really pretty one if it will help make you feel better. First thing in the morning — even if you have to wake up 5 minutes earlier — write out your prayers to God in the notebook. Just start small. Open the dialogue. He’ll be there.

Don’t worry about how messy your handwriting is — He can read it. Don’t stress about how much you write. Don’t worry about messing up the notebook or making it ugly. Don’t worry about scribbles and mistakes. You’d be surprised at how much it will bless your day.

General Update

So much to say, so little time ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s some bullet points for ya. You’re welcome!

  • I mailed half of my Women of Faith stuff out today. So Mandy @ Pennies and Blessings, Heidi, Jenny 86753oh9 and Punkinmama — your stuff is officially in the mail. Please let me know when you receive it! To Charlene @ A Virtuous Woman and Annabelle @ Christian Momma my sincerest apologies. It will be Monday before I have a chance to mail yours. Ran out of mailing supplies ๐Ÿ™‚
  • I want to specially thank Charlene @ A Virtuous Woman. She won 2 days of giveaways and wrote me an email to say give one of them away to someone else. Well, it just so happens that the new official winner of Sheila Walsh’s All that Really Matters book is a lady I know in real life. One that I had no idea read my blog until she left a comment on that post. So congratulations Monica! Now you don’t have to be mad at me ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Monica is a lady at Doodle’s school that I know well enough to say “hey” to — when I talked to her today and told her about the book, she thanked me for my blog. Ya’ll … that floored me. My blog? She thinks it’s neat. I told her that it felt good to be writing again like I believe God wants me to do. I mentioned getting overwhelmed at reading other blogs and the mentality of “well they said it so I don’t need to.” Monica confirmed God’s calling for me. She said “I don’t read those other blogs. Write for me.” Thanks Monica for sharing that with me today. You blessed me more than you know ๐Ÿ™‚
  • For my BlissDom ladies, I’ll have a post up Monday with tips for ya’ll. Shoot, I might have to make more than one I’ve got so much to share! So check back then to look for it. And even though I’m not going to BlissDom any more, I’m still going to keep the MckLinky up — so link up and get to know some of the other ladies going!
  • I’ll be disappearing from the blog and Twitter this weekend. We’ve got a lot of good stuff going on, and I’m going to try doing life off my computer and with my family. I hope you make that kind of time this weekend as well.

Why I’m *not* going to BlissDom

Months ago when the tickets went on sale, I jumped on one. I was on the fence. There were some bloggy friends I would love to see again and some that I would love to meet. I wanted Duck to go with me — after all, he’s my cowboy. Can’t go to Nashville yet again without my cowboy!

So I put it on the calendar. As the weeks progressed, other things got added to the calendar. Like the Upward Basketball schedule. Duck and I are coaching Doodle’s team again this year. I really enjoy it, but our practices are on Thursday and the games on Saturday. Ok, I thought. I can miss one practice and one game. But Duck can’t. Not really. Oh, and Upward pictures are that Saturday. Hmmph. I don’t want to miss those too.

Then Duck’s on-call schedule was released. He put the dates on the calendar. Yep, he’s on call that week. So he’s really, double-y triple-y out of going. And that was the final feather that knocked me off the fence onto the side of not going. See, Duck’s on-call weeks are very stressful to him. I need to be here to run things. I need to be here to run practice and the game if he happens to be called into work.

It’s not that he couldn’t handle it. Seriously we are blessed with great grandparents that take Doodle and do what’s needed. But I need to be here. I’ve been praying for quite awhile that God would lead me one way or another — that if I go, He’ll work everything out. If I don’t go, He’ll work everything out. And He has. I have His peace inside me that I need to be here {see an obvious pattern?}. I’ve already sold my conference ticket to another Christian lady who said I was an answered prayer. While God was closing the door on me going — He was opening the door for her to go. Seeing as how the conference is now sold-out, I can see how He used me buying that ticket for His good.

Don’t get me wrong. I not only need to be here, I want to be here. Maybe I will meet ya’ll next year if the scheduling falls just right. I still have some advice I’m going to give ya’ll who are going and I’m definitely praying for all my friends who will be there.

Go enter my Women of Faith giveaways (ends today!) and I’ll be back tomorrow with the winners, and BlissDom advice!