The Making of a Novel: Complications

I wish I could go back in time and blog more. There’s so much I’ve forgotten already. But Callie’s getting ready to graduate Friday. That time has gone.

I do want to share her capstone presentation. She totally rocked it! She wrote a book for her senior capstone project. We had it edited, a cover designed, and actually printed copies! I didn’t do such a good job as her project manager in allowing enough time to edit and when it needed to be printed. So in this first batch, I’m sure there are formatting and misspellings. If you have a copy, take it easy on me!

We’re planning to clean it up more and maybe put it on Amazon for those who’ve said they’d like to buy one.

But here’s the video and the thinking behind the book …

God is just showing off now.

Yesterday Doodle and I went to a store. Before we made it inside, we were approached by a lady asking for money. I normally don’t give money to people who ask like that, but I thought I had a few dollars and could spare that. When I looked in my wallet though, I only had a ten dollar bill.

I handed that over to the lady and she said “God bless you.” Thoughts started running through my head about what I should have said to her – ask her if she truly knows God or if that’s just something she thinks sounds nice. Then I started beating myself up for giving away that much money like that. We just found out that we owe a lot in taxes and have other bills coming up. Hadn’t I just been thinking we need to be more careful with our money?

I said a quick prayer for her that God wouldn’t let her do anything bad with the money and that He would use it to bless her that she might know Him. Then I let it go.

This morning I stopped for gas. The pump wouldn’t take my card like normal – it just said “Remove nozzle.” I figured the credit card part was broken and I would just need to pay inside. So I pumped the gas. It stopped at $10 and wouldn’t go further. I went inside to pay for that and then come back and fill up. The cashier said that a man had just prepaid for $10 on that pump and must have left without actually pumping the gas.

I smiled as I walked outside because I knew God was just showing off. When I’ve been listening to the radio and praying for what happened in Boston, God is still watching me and with me. Sometimes I forget that He’s big enough that He’s everywhere and not just with those going through a crisis.

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

I wrote this in 2008 and have adjusted the details a little to update it.

16 years ago today, my Genius Better Half proposed to me and oh, he got me good! I never saw it coming!

We had been dating for about a year and half at this time. He sent me a dozen red roses at work that Friday with a note saying something to the effect of “you don’t have to wait any more.” I thought he was talking about my birthday present or something (my birthday is in 4 days). Totally clueless.

I drove my Mitsubishi Eclipse to his house after work, thinking we were going to dinner and a movie. I went in and talked with his mom for a bit, while he was doing something? I had no idea. When we left, he walked with me and opened my door. Nothing unusual because he has always been a gentleman and I let him (Side note: He still opens doors for me!). It was a little unusual for us to be taking my car instead of his pickup but I didn’t think anything about it. Totally clueless.

He asked me a few questions and got me distracted talking about myself — which is a nifty little trick he does so he doesn’t have to talk. He said he needed to stop by a softball field to talk with a friend of his for a few minutes. This was quite believable as our lives really revolved around softball at the time.

We pulled up to an empty field, but there was one on the top of the hill where some people were playing. I asked him if we were going up there and kinda wondered why he’d parked so far away. “Nope, we’re going out there.” Totally clueless.

He proceeded to pull out of the trunk: his guitar, a blanket, and a box. OH MY WORD! This was it! How in the world did I not see that he had to put down part of the back seat to fit his guitar in the trunk? He kept me looking forward the entire time he was helping me in the car!

I now interrupt this touching moment with some background. When he and I first started dating, he told me it was really easy for guys to say “I love you” in bed, but to say “I love you” on a softball field, now that really meant something. The first time he wanted to tell me he loved me, he drove to a softball field and took me out in center field to tell me. It was really sweet. Back to this touching moment.

He helped me walk out to center field. I was in high heels because we were, after all, supposed to be going to eat dinner — not a softball field. He laid down the blanket for me to stand on, got out his guitar and sang me a beautiful song to which I cannot remember the name of right now. I’ll find out and let you know. I know — mood buster. But just go with the flow.

After he finished singing, I applauded and cheered. He put his guitar down. He took my hands and began the speech he’d been planning for I don’t know how long. Oh, and of course he was down on one knee. I was so excited between smiling and crying, I didn’t let the poor boy finish his speech before I blurted out “yes I’ll marry you!” We hugged and kissed.

Next he hands me a box. Not just any box. A Victoria’s Secret pink and white striped box — bigger than a jewelry box. I opened it up and there was a tshirt inside that said “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” with a picture of a softball diamond (you know, the field?). It was absolutely perfect!

Now, lest you think he’s a schmuk for not buying me a ring, he said he agonized over it and really wanted me to be with him to pick out the perfect ring. See, I am not a girlie-girl. Never have been. I don’t wear jewelry — don’t really like rings, etc. and have no clue about diamonds. So he purchased the shirt for me, and then proceeded to take me shopping — after dinner, a girl’s gotta eat! We shopped and shopped and learned everything there is to know about diamonds, and in the end, he bought me a really nice, really big diamond. I tried talking him into something smaller, but he refused and bought a really nice ring.

It was an absolutely unique and beautiful proposal. I knew after he and I had been dating for 2 months that I wanted to marry him — it took him a little longer to get to that point, but that was due to a past bad relationship. So, I cut him some slack :)

Oh yeah, when we sat down to eat, I called Mom and Dad to tell them the news. You know what? They already knew. He had driven out to my parents’ house without me knowing, and asked Dad for my hand in marriage. I have definitely got a Keeper. So back off you single women — he’s mine!

In October, we will celebrate 16 years of marriage, and nowadays, that’s really an accomplishment. So many couples around us are getting divorced. I thank God that He’s kept us together this long and I pray that God strengthens our marriage every day.

Hugs and kisses to you, My Genius Better Half! You gave me a wonderful memory when you proposed :) and even more wonderful memories have followed!