The Making of a Novel: Complications

I wish I could go back in time and blog more. There’s so much I’ve forgotten already. But Callie’s getting ready to graduate Friday. That time has gone.

I do want to share her capstone presentation. She totally rocked it! She wrote a book for her senior capstone project. We had it edited, a cover designed, and actually printed copies! I didn’t do such a good job as her project manager in allowing enough time to edit and when it needed to be printed. So in this first batch, I’m sure there are formatting and misspellings. If you have a copy, take it easy on me!

We’re planning to clean it up more and maybe put it on Amazon for those who’ve said they’d like to buy one.

But here’s the video and the thinking behind the book …

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  1. That was still amazing the second time I watched it. I don’t recognize the woman in this video. I do remember my little girl and trying to help her learn about speaking and presenting to an audience when she was much younger. Perhaps I should have stopped trying to help years ago. I didn’t help at all with this work and it is so much better than anything I could have ever done.

    Callie – I need you to teach me how to present like that. Where can I sign up for a class on the software you used to prepare and present it? You were amazing. No you are amazing! So, so very proud of you! Love you lots baby girl!

    And thanks mom for recording this video and helping with the publication of her book.