Still Dream Chasin’

Thanks to my wonderful hubby, I thought I’d share a little update here.

A lot has happened since January 1st. I lost one of my brothers to complications from a surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. That seemed to through me for a loop that I think I’m coming out of now.

I finally got something up for my business site : BoydPress Solutions. Duck came up with the name and finally I think I have a name that fits me 🙂 I’m officially registered with the state and even have opened a business checking account. I’m starting to feel all grown up!

This week I’m setting up my own server to do web hosting for my clients, and unfortunately the hackers have been busy! So while I’m trying to clean up hacked sites, move them to my new server and try to fortify them so they don’t have hacked again, I’m also working on writing. I’ve got another site in the works where I’ll be writing tips and tricks for WordPress users. Hopefully I’ll be able to announce that here soon.

Until then … update your WordPress and plugins people!

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