2 Milestones Within 24 Hours

Yesterday my yard was invaded by pink flamingos…


40th Birthday Pink Flamingos

Also, my wonderful Mother posted pictures on Facebook…


Wasn’t I cute? Ha!

So I turn 40 yesterday and then today I put my baby (ok she’s 13 now) on a bus to go on her first school field trip without me — a multiple-overnight field trip.

Two milestones within 24 hours. Prayers for Duck are needed in case I lose it! 🙂

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  1. AWWWW!!!! Matthew’s been traveling without me for ages it seems like as has sam… mostly church trips, but still… they grow up…

    I hope you had an amazing birthday!!!!!!!

    Certainly praying for you!!!

  2. You look way too young to be 40, but please tell me that whoever flamingoed your yard did so with 40 flamingoes!!?? Love it!! I must put that idea in my back pocket for a friend I really love.:)