I lost a dream.

Have you seen it?

It was here 4 years ago.

Maybe it’s under that pile of hurt. Not chosen to write on that blog with all my friends.

Or that one. Not chosen to speak at that conference.

Possibly under that layer of jealousy. She did something I’ve been thinking of for years.

One sure thing.

God doesn’t forget. He gave me the dream of writing.

Not writing a book. Not writing magazine articles.

Just writing on my blog.

He reminded me last week at She Speaks — what my dream was.

I buried it under busyness and code.

Ignoring all of His promptings.

Now I must find it.

And know, just writing on my blog is enough when that’s what He’s called me to do.

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  1. I can’t wait to see how that dream takes shape friend 🙂

  2. YES! His dreams for us are always enough and always the MOST blessed! Love you!

  3. I love the way you write and can’t wait to see where God leads you on your journey. Oh, the messages I’m sure you have! Bring them, sister!;-)

  4. YAY for writing again! Can’t wait to see what God does through you!! 🙂

  5. We’re all waiting to read what the Lord speaks through you here. I know I am! Keep writing, Lisa!

  6. I absolutely love this! I too can hardly wait to see what God pours through you! Thank you for choosing to press on and letting us benefit!

  7. {{{{hugs}}}}

    It’s easy to forget when life-noise drowns out The Song.

    I love your honesty here, Lisa. It’s touching.

    I’m praying for you; you’re amazingly gifted in so many ways and I’m thankful to call you friend.