WordPress Wonders

Some of you know I’m working on an ebook about WordPress. I have many people ask me questions about WordPress. It blows me away that people have not written more information about this, or if they have they just haven’t made it understandable. So while I’m gathering ammunition for my ebook, what are the sorts of questions you have about WordPress? If you don’t use it (using something like Blogger), have you ever considered using WordPress? If so, what’s stopped you? I’d love to have your feedback.

One of the cool things about WordPress is you can actually use it for a content management system (meaning the front page doesn’t have to be a list of recent posts). This makes it almost perfect for churches and non-profits since WordPress is open source (meaning free as in no cost to you for the software). I’ve gone to many churches’ websites and cringed at what I see. Something that hasn’t been updated in several years, and we will not discuss the overall design of it right now. I know people are doing the best they can for their churches, and hopefully my ebook will help them do the websites even better!

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