Still Dream Chasin’

Thanks to my wonderful hubby, I thought I’d share a little update here.

A lot has happened since January 1st. I lost one of my brothers to complications from a surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. That seemed to through me for a loop that I think I’m coming out of now.

I finally got something up for my business site : BoydPress Solutions. Duck came up with the name and finally I think I have a name that fits me 🙂 I’m officially registered with the state and even have opened a business checking account. I’m starting to feel all grown up!

This week I’m setting up my own server to do web hosting for my clients, and unfortunately the hackers have been busy! So while I’m trying to clean up hacked sites, move them to my new server and try to fortify them so they don’t have hacked again, I’m also working on writing. I’ve got another site in the works where I’ll be writing tips and tricks for WordPress users. Hopefully I’ll be able to announce that here soon.

Until then … update your WordPress and plugins people!

Dream Chasin’

Back in September, I had the privilege of attending Proverbs 31 Ministries’ Online Bible Studies’ Real Life Dreams Retreat. Boy, that’s a mouthful!

God reminded me of a dream He gave me — to be a writer. But that’s not all He reminded me of — He also gave me the dream of helping women in ministry with their online presence.

This may sound really weird, but I felt God calling me to my own business again instead of continuing the work I was doing for Proverbs 31 Ministries. It wasn’t that I was doing bad stuff at P31, I wasn’t — it was good. It was helping to reach hundreds of thousands of women, but I was not doing some of the things that I’m really good at.

Things I knew God called me to do.

So, I made a really hard decision to leave my position with P31. Last Friday was my last official day as an employee there. I struggle with the decision greatly. I’ve built P31’s online presence over the last 2 years, and it was really hard for me to let it all go. But that’s what God called me to do.

It was also difficult to say goodbye to all of the ladies whom I call friends there. I pray we stay in touch, but I know it’s not going to be the same as working with them.

Starting January 5th, I’ll be officially opened for business! I want to teach WordPress and how to do some of this online-platform-building stuff that tends to confuse people. And I want to do it from a Godly perspective.

I pray you and yours have a very Merry Christmas! And keep in touch with me in the new year! 2015 is going to be an exciting year!


My share of excuses

I’m tired.

I can’t think straight.

I haven’t been journaling.

My quiet time is non-existent.

Yep. Those are my share of excuses. I know I’m a better writer when I can write my morning pages. It gets my negative inner critic out of my head and onto paper. Then I can see how really wrong she is.

But … I’m tired and I can’t think straight. Like really, scary, crooked thoughts.

Like I should order this book and I look over and it’s in my pile to be read.

Like how did Facebook know yesterday was my anniversary and pull a picture and wish me a happy anniversary — when it was really Duck who posted it under my account because he doesn’t have one.

Like I’m kinda scared to do anything for work in case I mess something else up royally.

So, instead of making yet another excuse, I went ahead and wrote this out. I will probably look at it tomorrow and realize how crazy it all sounds. But at least I wrote.