Called Out

Friday night at the P31 OBS Retreat, Melissa talked about Dream Killers and asked us to write our dream on an index card.

I refused.

I knew my God-sized dream was to write. I didn’t need to write it down.

After the session, Shelly looks me straight in the eyes and says, “so what’s your dream?”

I proceeded to give her my standard response … I feel God called me to write — not anything like a book — but just on my blog.

Saturday at lunch, Nicki turns to me and says “Lisa B, do you have a book inside you?”

And I couldn’t not say yes.

I tried to lessen the dream God’s given me. And He called me out.

Thanks Nicki, Shelly, Melissa and Lisa A for letting God speak through you this weekend.

Dream Killer

I had a dream.

I wanted to be a writer. I was a writer. I wrote on this blog.

And then I went to a conference for writers. Some of the other blog writers I had been friends with only online, I got to meet in person.

But they were chosen. I was not.

So I stopped writing. Disenchanted. Envious.

Why were they chosen and I was not? No one needs to hear my story. There’s someone else out there that can tell it and probably tell it better than me.

Dream Killer. That’s me.

Some people say that they can’t not write. To which I laugh and say I’ve been doing a pretty good job of ignoring God for several years now.

This weekend as I listened to Melissa Taylor talk about Dream Killers and Lisa Allen talk about The Rhythm of a Dream, I’m starting to wake up now.

I have a dream.

I want to be a writer. I am a writer. I am writing on this blog.

So this is me … being a Dream Killer Killer … No more killing my dreams. No more listening to the negative thoughts.

I am a writer. I just need to write.

{Special thanks to Shelly for pulling this out of me. Now send me your blog login information so I can fix it!}

RIP Sugar Boyd

The bedroom seems painfully quiet. We miss her snoring…her breathing…even her pooting.

Around Christmas 2008, it was the first time we saw her in our neighbor’s yard. Roaming free around the neighborhood and scared to come close to anyone, she kept her distance from him. Duck built her a dog house…not just any dog house…one with double walls, insulation and a light to keep warm.


He’d watch out of the window to see if she went in. He lured her in with food, water and a bed. She stayed safe and warm during the snows that winter, and she found a place in our hearts.

I went to talk to my neighbor one afternoon — hoping she would say “take Sugar” but that didn’t happen. Sugar had found a place in her heart as well, even if she couldn’t keep her inside. “We love her too, so if you ever need any help with her, please just let us know.”

The knock on the door came a few months later. Another neighbor had threatened to call Animal Services because Sugar was running loose. In March 2009, she became an inside dog :)

Over the last 4.5 years we’ve had her, she trained us well. She would sit on the back deck and bark once — a special bark — and Duck would go running to let her in. She would follow us around when she knew we had food, knowing we couldn’t resist her big brown eyes. She’d even jump up and catch a chicken nugget in mid-air. You’d have to be careful wearing shorts around her too because she loved to give kisses. Anywhere she saw bare skin got a lick. She would sleep next to the front door to be sure she didn’t miss us when we came home.


I never once saw her get angry or mean or growl. Not even when the cat would come in and paw at her face, or when Fletcher tried to hump her head :)

She had the spirit of a lap dog in a big girl body. She was the sweetest, most loyal dog. We will miss you Sugar!


2 Milestones Within 24 Hours

Yesterday my yard was invaded by pink flamingos…


40th Birthday Pink Flamingos

Also, my wonderful Mother posted pictures on Facebook…


Wasn’t I cute? Ha!

So I turn 40 yesterday and then today I put my baby (ok she’s 13 now) on a bus to go on her first school field trip without me — a multiple-overnight field trip.

Two milestones within 24 hours. Prayers for Duck are needed in case I lose it! :)

God is just showing off now.

Yesterday Doodle and I went to a store. Before we made it inside, we were approached by a lady asking for money. I normally don’t give money to people who ask like that, but I thought I had a few dollars and could spare that. When I looked in my wallet though, I only had a ten dollar bill.

I handed that over to the lady and she said “God bless you.” Thoughts started running through my head about what I should have said to her – ask her if she truly knows God or if that’s just something she thinks sounds nice. Then I started beating myself up for giving away that much money like that. We just found out that we owe a lot in taxes and have other bills coming up. Hadn’t I just been thinking we need to be more careful with our money?

I said a quick prayer for her that God wouldn’t let her do anything bad with the money and that He would use it to bless her that she might know Him. Then I let it go.

This morning I stopped for gas. The pump wouldn’t take my card like normal – it just said “Remove nozzle.” I figured the credit card part was broken and I would just need to pay inside. So I pumped the gas. It stopped at $10 and wouldn’t go further. I went inside to pay for that and then come back and fill up. The cashier said that a man had just prepaid for $10 on that pump and must have left without actually pumping the gas.

I smiled as I walked outside because I knew God was just showing off. When I’ve been listening to the radio and praying for what happened in Boston, God is still watching me and with me. Sometimes I forget that He’s big enough that He’s everywhere and not just with those going through a crisis.

Revoke my geek card

If geeks had a card, mine would be revoked.

Here I am supposedly a WordPress wizard, and my WP sites got hacked. Most likely because I didn’t keep them updated.

And because my sites got hacked? There was an overload on the server that made everyone’s sites come to a screeching halt if they loaded at all. That’s what I’ve been dealing with the past two weeks.


On top of that, I got an iPhone 5S for Christmas that stopped ringing. It would only vibrate. After missing an important call last night, I finally Googled the solution. There’s a little switch right above the volume buttons on the side. It should not be showing orange. Seriously? A switch on the side of the phone? I never even paid any attention to it.

So…if I had a geek card, just know that I would relinquish it without a fight.

Tired of the drama

There’s nothing quite like being called out on your blog by your mom! Not completely related to that comment, we visited a church last Sunday. :)

The pastor preached out of 1 Corinthians 1:10-17 about division in the church. Even though he was talking about division in your physical, local church, I started thinking about how applicable this all was to the online church. You. Me. Other Christians who blog. Other Christians who just hang out on Facebook and Twitter.

Now I plead with you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment. — 1 Corinthians 1:10

The pastor went on to say God made all of us different — there are Duke fans, UNC fans, and State (go Pack!) fans. We can disagree about a lot of things, but how we deal with that disagreement says more to people who aren’t Christians than anything else we can do. Bad news travels a lot faster than good news, so when church members disagree about whether or not people should watch the Super Bowl commercials, that gets a lot of attention.

But the one thing we should agree on is the Good News. What we say about Jesus. How we live that out online and in person. We should speak the same thing — and that same thing should be what the Bible says.

Online it’s easy for us to hide behind our screens, our keyboards. We say things that we wouldn’t say face-to-face. We judge others — call them stupid for watching the commercials or “I can’t believe you let your kid do that.” There are people who thrive on drama. You can love them without getting caught up in the drama. I quit blogging for a long time because I was tired of the drama — the promotions — all of it. I miss the conversations. Conversations on blogs in the comments. Conversations on Twitter. I miss hearing about my online friends’ families.

Before you like or share a post on Facebook, or share a blog post with others, think — is this tearing down someone else? Or is it building them up? Is it sharing Jesus or criticizing someone who may not even know Jesus? So, before we concern ourselves with “did you let your kids watch the half-time show?” Maybe we should be concerned with “do you know Jesus? When’s the last time you talked with Him?”